Software Engineer Needed!!

Come build a company with me!

Hello! My name is Jared Rohe, and I am looking for a software engineer to help me build a company. If you are interested in forming a startup, then read on! I am looking for someone who has a passion for software and can dedicate a few hours most days of the week to come code with me. I envision the work commitment to be consistent, but primarily fun! The main requirement is location. I am located on the west side of Santa Cruz, so ideally we would meet in that area regularly. Currently, the desired skillset is a knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. Even if you are not a master in all of the above technologies that’s ok, because what matters the most is that you have a desire to learn! I think this opportunity could be well suited for a wide range of skill/experience levels. If you are still a college student looking for an internship, or a seasoned engineer looking for something exciting to do on the side, please reach out! This position would be unpaid. The ideal candidate would share my vision and motivation for the project. We would share the hope of the company becoming successful and would then share equity. So this opportunity is best suited for someone who wants to build, create, and learn with me. Ideally, it will lead to something more, but that is of course not guaranteed. I know I haven’t said anything about what the project actually is…. so, if you feel like you’d be interested in this type of opportunity please call me and we can discuss the project more in detail. (415) 407-7833.